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Multimeda business line is run by PT Innovate Mas Indonesia and PT Eka Mas Republik, the Company’s subsidiaries.

Total home-passes owned by the Company until the end of 2018 were 649,675 home-passes. Those home-passes reached 92.5% of target in 2018.

Meanwhile, total retail subscriber at the end of December 2018 were 113,451 subscribers, increasing if compared to approximately 102,252 subscribers at the end of December 2017. However, the number of subscribers only reached 70.5% of the 2018 target. Tight competition with other competitors was one of factors that had caused the lower- than-target achievement.

Total revenues from multimedia business was USD 37.1 million in 2018, increasing 17.0% compared to previous year’s revenues of USD 31.7 million. Due to lower number of subscribers achieved, the revenues from the multimedia business was lower than the 2018 target.

For multimedia business prospect, digital lifestyle is expected to become one of the factors that can support the growth of multimedia business. E-commerce growth, increase in digital transaction, and development of applications that support digital lifestyle, are several factors that will continue to support the growth of digital economy in Indonesia. Digital lifestyle cannot be separated with the need of good internet network. As one of the key players in multimedia business, the Company sees that as the opportunity to further increase the penetration of internet product to people who need fast, stable, and affordable internet services. Based on the data from Digital in 2018 in South-East Asia by We Are Social and Hootsuite, it was estimated that internet users in Indonesia in 2018 just reached 132.7 million people and social media users reached 130.0 million people. It shows that internet market opportunity is still huge. The development of the Company’s internet network and variety of competitive products are several steps taken by the Company to increase Company’s market share in multimedia business. The Company will continue to expand its multimedia coverage area in several big cities in Sumatera and Java.