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Environment Aspect


The Company is committed to maintaining and preserving the environment in its activities, in order to achieve environment- oriented sustainable development. The Company and its relevant subsidiaries has had AMDAL, RKL, RPL, and relevant environment licenses in performing its business activities.

As an example, at IPP PLTU Sumsel-5 implementation of environment policies, among others, by the implementation of procedures for managing solid, liquid, and gas waste generated from power generation activities. Solid waste generated from IPP PLTU Sumsel-5 consists of two types, i.e. fly ash and bottom ash. Fly ash is collected using electrostatic precipitator. Bottom ash is collected using conveyer. Liquid waste from IPP PLTU Sumsel-5 is processed at waste water treatment plant before flowing to  the river. In relation to gas waste, air quality and gas emission monitoring are routinely carried out to ensure that the air quality and gas emission at IPP PLTU Sumsel-5 comply to the applicable standards.

For IPP PLTU Kendari-3 and IPP PLTU Kalteng-1 which are still under construction, project waste consisted of mainly material construction leftover. The waste is managed by EPC contractor in collaboration with third parties. The Company provides opportunity to stakeholders to submit suggestion and/or complaint regarding environment issue. Suggestion and/or complaint can be submitted directly through the public affairs division of the Company, through relevant subsidiaries, or through Internal Audit Unit.

Program Plans and realization

The following is the resume of plans and realization of corporate social responsibility programs on environment in 2018 :