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Employment, Health, and Safety Aspect

Considering that HR is the most important asset for the Company, employees’ health, safety, and welfare get serious attention   by the Company. The Company has Company Regulation and Collective Labor Agreement, which have been endorsed by the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia. Furthermore, the Company also has HR policies that facilitate comfortable and safe working environment for Company’s employees.

The Company upholds the principle  of  fairness  in  giving  equal opportunity to employee in developing his or her career professionally regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, and race. The Company provides equal opportunity for each employee to participate in relevant education and training in order to develop its competency.

In relation with Occupational Safety and Health, the Company has had SOP that are applicable to employees, contractors, suppliers, and other business partners while they are in Company’s workplace

The Company provides outpatient and inpatient benefit for employees 

Program Plans and realization
The Corporate Social Responsibility programs in the aspect of employment, health, and safety, among others, include:

The awards received by the Company through its subsidiaries in employment aspect were as follows:

  1. “Pratama” award in Mining Safety Management within the category of Contract of Work and Coal Mining Concession Work Agreements from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to PT Borneo Indobara.
  2. Award for one-million-hour zero lost time incident from Regional Office of Manpower and Transmigration Department of Southeast Sulawesi Province to PT DSSP Power Kendari.