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Social and Community Development Aspect


The Company strives to create good relationship with the community. The presence of the Company and its subsidiaries in the community is expected to bring positive impacts.

The Company’s policy in social and community developments is directed to improve the welfare of the community surrounding the Company and its subsidiaries.

The Company prioritizes the recruitment of local people for every Company’s projects, except for positions that require special expertise. The Company empowered community by providing the knowledge and skill to cultivate the land so that the result can help the community.

The Company also improves the facilities and infrastructure around Company’s business activity areas. Improving the facilities and infrastructure will strengthen the relationship between the Company and surrounding community. The Company provides donation that focuses on education and religious activities.

The Company has  socialized  mechanism  to  report  indication  of fraud (including indication of corruption). Submission of whistleblowing reports can be done via email whistleblower@dss. or whatsapp number 0881-1686-386. Detailed information regarding whistleblowing system can be seen at Corporate Governance section, Internal Audit Unit - Whistleblowing System sub - section.


The following is the resume of plans and realization of corporate social responsibility programs on social and community development aspects in 2018 that cover education, health, socio- culture, micro enterprise, and infrastructure: