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Fair Operating Practices Aspect


The Company believes that sustainable business should be based on good ethics, rather than just complying to applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, the Company is committed  to  carrying out operational activities that uphold business ethics, build trust, maintain reputation by continuously improving the quality of products and services, and doing business on fair competition.

The Company always strives to perform business transactions with business partners based on the principles of fairness and equality.
The Company has socialized mechanism to report indication of fraud (including indication of violation of fair business operation). Submission of whistleblowing reports can be done via email or whatsapp number 0881-1686-
386. Detailed information regarding whistleblowing system can be seen at Corporate Governance section, Internal Audit Unit - Whistleblowing System sub - section


The following is the resume of plans and realization of corporate social responsibility programs on fair operating practices aspect in 2018, among others: