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Human Rights Aspect


The Company is committed to protecting employees and other stakeholders from discrimination of ethnicity, gender, race, and religion.

The Company applies working hours in accordance with industry guideline and national standard and always strives to provide fair and conducive treatment and working conditions for all employees, including in the case of employment opportunities, appropriate wages, rights to participate in education and training programs, promotion opportunities, freedom of association and deliberation, and prohibition on the employment of child workers.

The Company is committed to conducting business by respecting the rights and dignity of people affected by the Company’s business activities, and addressing the adverse impacts from business operations.

The Company has socialized mechanism to report indication of fraud (including indication of human rights violation). Submission of whistleblowing reports can be done via email whistleblower@dss. or whatsapp number 0881-1686-386. Detailed information regarding whistleblowing system can be seen at Corporate Governance section, Internal Audit Unit - Whistleblowing System sub - section


The following is the resume of plans and realization of corporate social responsibility programs on human rights aspect in 2018, among others: