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Human Resource

Headcount and Profile of Employees

As of December 31, 2016, the Company and its subsidiaries employed 2,287 employees consisting of 1,751 permanent employees and 536 contract-based employees. The headcount decreased compared to that of previous year, of which the Company and its subsidiaries employed 2,460 employees. The number of employees working in the Company (excluding subsidiaries) was 624 persons

Human Resources Development

The Company realizes the importance of human resource development. Therefore, the Company continuously conducts education and training programs that include personal development courses, business & management courses, as well as technical courses. In 2016, the Company and its subsidiaries had incurred USD 64,849 for various external training programs.

The training programs attended by the employees were, among others:

Basic management skill

-Positive mental attitude

-IT system management

-Internal quality audit

-Energy business

-Power and steam generation

-Occupational safety and health