DSSA Sinarmas lini bisnis Penyediaan Tenaga Listrik

Capital increase in subsidiaries

Company’s subsidiaries have increased its issued and paid-up capital effectively as follows:

CompanyIssued and Paid Up Capital  (in million Rupiahs)
PT DSSA Mas Sejahtera (“DSSA MS”)
  • The Company 3,497,686 shares
  • PT Sinar Mas Tunggal 10 shares

(All new shares were subscribed by the Company)

PT Andalan Mas Sejahtera (“AMS”)
  • PT DSSE Energi Mas Utama 480,044 shares
  • The Company 10 shares

(All new shares were subscribed by PT DSSE Energi Mas Utama)

This capital increase in subsidiaries do not have impact to the Company’s financial condition.