Economic Aspects


The Company realizes that its economic/financial performance does not only have an impact on shareholders, but can also provide a multiplier effect on various stakeholders in the Company’s production and operation chain as well as on a broader economy. Therefore, the Company strives to provide added value in every business activity it carries out.

The Company seeks to issue policies and implement business strategies carefully and responsibly to achieve strong and sustainable economic/financial performance in the long-term. [GRI 3-3-c] [GRI 3-3-d]

Economic Performance

In 2023, the economic value generated by the Company was USD 5,075.0 million. Of such value, USD 4,209.6 million was distributed or passed on, among others, to employees, suppliers, and government, while USD 865.4 million was retained for working capital, future investments, and reserve. [GRI 201-1]