Fair Operating Practices Aspects


The Company is committed to prioritize business operations that promote business ethics, build trust, maintain reputation by improving the quality of products and services on a sustainable basis, and conduct fair business competition.

The Company believes that a sustainable business is an ethical business that does more than compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, the Company always strives to conduct transactions with business partners based on the principle of fairness and equality as guided by the Code of Conduct and Corporate Culture.

Throughout 2020, the Company and subsidiaries did not receive reports of significant violations related to operational activities.


The followings are several plans and realization of CSR programs related to fair operating practices aspect that had been implemented in 2020, compared to the realization of the 2019 and 2018 CSR programs:

Plans in 2020
Program Realization in 2020
Implementation of GCG
  • In 2020, the Company strived to implement GCG in every business line of the Company.
Construction of IPP PLTU in accordance with Quality Standards
  • In 2020, the Company monitored the construction of IPP PLTU Kalteng-1 to ensure that the project could be completed on schedule while still paying attention to the quality of work and the materials used.
Policy on Procurement of Goods and/or Services
  • In 2020, the Company strived to implement a good procurement policy for goods and services in every business line of the Company.