The Company is committed to carrying out every business activity responsibly. One form of the Company’s responsibility is to formulate a holistic CSR program to align the achievement of financial performance (profit), while taking into account the welfare of the community (people) and preserving the nature (planet) around the operational areas of the Company and subsidiaries.

This holistic CSR program was prepared based on the Triple Bottom Line (Planet, People and Profit) approach and ISO 26000, and by taking into account UUPT, Government Regulation No. 47 of 2012 on Social and Environmental Responsibility of Limited Liability Companies, Law No. 25 of 2007 on Capital Investment, and Law No. 32 of 2009 on Environmental Protection and Management, and includes:
• Environmental Aspect
• Employment, Health, and Safety Aspect
• Social and Community Development Aspect
• Product Responsibility Aspect
• Fair Operating Practices Aspect
• Human Rights Aspect

The Company understands that the expectations of each operating area are different from one another, thus requiring the implementation of different CSR policies and strategies. The Company has carried out a stakeholder identification and social mapping process around the operational areas of the Company and subsidiaries. This social mapping provides the basis for the Company to accommodate expectations, issues, and inputs to formulate appropriate CSR programs.