DSSA Sinarmas lini Penyediaan Tenaga Listrik

Nomination & Remuneration Committee Meeting

The meeting of the Nomination Committee and the meeting of the Remuneration Committee are held periodically at least once in 4 (four) months. The notice for the meeting is given by the Chairperson of the Nomination Committee. 

The resolution of the Nomination Committee meeting shall be taken based on consensus deliberation. In the event consensus deliberation is not achieved, the resolution is made by voting. Minutes of the Nomination Committee meeting must be submitted in writing to the Board of Commissioners.

In 2020, the Nomination Committee had conducted 3 (three) meetings. Quorum of attendance and quorum of resolution of the Nomination Committee meeting held by the Nomination Committee of the Company in 2020 were 100%.

Meeting summary for year 2020 were as follows:

Dr. -Ing. Evita H. Legowo
Franky Oesman Widjaja
Dr. Susi Susantijo, S.H., LL.M.